Kristina Veit


Sirius, mon alter ego

Mousonturm Saal


On the basis of curiosity, trust and respect for each other, the classically and contemporary trained Frankfurt dancer and choreographer Kristina Veit and the former breakdancer and Swiss choreographer Pierre-Yves Diacon set off on a theatrical journey together. This encounter between two movement vocabularies creates pleasant irritations and moments of crackling tension. Sirius, mon alter ego begins with plain floor paths with no eye contact. Gradually these paths condense into a game of moving away and gravitating back to one another, in which every touch is a conspicuously extreme act. Like mysterious elementary particles or astral bodies moved by gravity, the twin celestial body of the dancers becomes one with the space until it vibrates as if set in motion by invisible magnets. From beginning to end: dance through and through.

By and with Pierre-Yves Diacon, Kristina Veit * Music: Jam El Mar * Lighting Design: Jochen Göpfert * Production: Les Mondes Transversaux, Kristina Veit. * Supported by Frankfurt LAB and the Cultural Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main * The performances are made possible by Tanzlabor_21.

Warm up for spectators on Sat., 7 p.m.