(c) Max Levy

Sleepdancing is a new format of digital dance from the collaboration between Max Levy Choreographic Works and the artist duo Cosa Mentale. A series of films that merge choreography and digital animation as tools for guided hypnosis, an interplay of choreographed bodies and choreographed code that influence each other to form a symbiotic visual expression.

Sleepdancing stands at the intersection of two main topics: The future of digital dance and our preparation for sleep in a digital society. Is dance today just (a substitute for) live performance? Is there no better use for our time before sleep? The past year has seen many digital formats emerge in the world of dance. Our lives are more and more surrounded by digital inputs, and no moment is more subconsciously subversive than the one before sleep.

Sleepdancing is presented outside the idea of performance. It’s okay to sink into bed and dose off. There is no pressure to stay alert, be a good audience, or interpret high art. It is a unique and thought through opportunity to use the beauty of dance and of the visuals to create a lively and conscious sleep.


—> Mediathek

duration: ca 30 min.