So you can feel

Studio 1

Performance/Tolle Künste/Dance

Firstly, Pieter Ampe sports a fine beard, secondly, there is tremendous energy raging within the Belgian dancer and choreographer and thirdly, now this man storms the deceptive peaks of transformation alone, without an oxygen tank. Ampe strives towards where the air grows thin, where social norms shift and guiding principles can be obfuscated. For only here does he find hope that emotional and sexual energies can create a new atmosphere of emancipation. Do we need to be liberated? Pieter Ampe finds out in So you can feel and there is the real danger being seduced into believing him.

No language skills required * By and with: Pieter Ampe * Music: Jakob Ampe * Outside eyes: Jakob Ampe, Pol Heyvaert, Laura Eva Meuris & Femke Platteau * Coaching: Alain Platel & Sarah Thom * Technical direction: Piet Depoortere * Many thanks to: Juan Betancurth, Sarah Bleasdale, Rickard Borgström, Tim Darbyshire, Michael Dudeck, Nuno Lucas, Jessica Massart, Tommy Noonan & Boris Zeebroek * Production: CAMPO * Co-production: Moving in November (Helsinki, FI), Kaaitheater Brussels & BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen, NO) * With support of the flemish community, the province East Flanders and the city of Ghent * All events of the project series „Tolle Künste“ are contributions to the official programme for Guest of Honour Flanders & The Netherlands at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. Funded by Dutch Performing Arts and the Flemish Authorities.

No language skills required