Mit digitalen Effekten verfremdetes Bild der Künstler*innen Alla Popp und Alexander Sahm.
Mit digitalen Effekten verfremdetes Bild der Künstler*innen Alla Popp und Alexander Sahm.
Screenshot aus dem digitalen Computerspiel zum Musikalbum: Eine hell leuchtende menschliche Figur schwebt in einem düsteren, abstrakten 3D-Raum.
(c) Echo Can Luo & Sarah Ama Duah, (c) Sarah Ama Duah, (c) Lixing Yang



Songs of Cyborgeoisie – Extended

Mousonturm Studio 1

hybride Konzert-Performance/Performance

With a hybrid concert performance, the Offenbach music and digital performance duo BBB_ (allapopp and Alex Sahm) present their latest electro album project “Songs of Cyborgeoisie”. “Songs of Cyborgeoisie” is firstand foremost a journey through a sci-fi world seeking to liberate itself from currently prevailing technological dystopias. The audience can attend the concert at Mousonturm or immerse themselves from home in a digital game world created by the artists. Over the course of the story, visitors experience the development of 7 characters and become part of the action – either as an audience member at Mousonturm or as a gamer in the virtual world. For each piece of music and in each level of the game, the characters embody human fears about the technological present. They question visions of transhumanist utopias and imagine their own tech-positive future. As a multimedia opera, the live musical performance interweaves experimental electronic sound, spoken word and singing, live instrumental sounds and a Russian-speaking choir.


“Songs of Cyborgeoisie – Extended” is the next stage in the development of the duo’s hybrid performance format and is being developed as part of the NODE switch project. The experimental format welcomes audience members live and online – gaming stations connect the virtual and the physical space. In a post-show discussion, the audience is invited to reflect on the performance together over drinks and to contribute to the further development of the hybrid concert format.

Duration: 70 min.
Language: English, Russian
Note: Strobe lights will be used a few times in the show.

We are looking for visitors, who are interested in giving detailed feedback during a post-concert talk. If you would like to do so, please contact beguem.inal@nodeforum.org.

The concert will be video recorded in the big hall and streamed live. By attending, you consent to the recording and use of the video recording for the above purposes.

Online access

To participate in the virtual space, please check the technical requirements and purchase an “online ticket” for the desired performance via the above links. One day before the performance, you will receive download information to the email address you provided during the booking process. Please allow approx. 30-60 minutes to download and start the game and to make other technical preparations.


Technical requirements (online)

To participate online, you will need a Windows gaming PC/laptop (Macbooks and smartphones are not suitable) with a stable Internet connection, memory for installing the game (15 GB), headphones or good speakers, and a powerful graphics card (Nvidia GFX 1070/1080 / min. 8 GB RAM).