Bunte virtuelle Landschaft mit Schriftzügen und Pflanzen.
Virtual-Reality-Raum, in dem eine Sängerin auf einer Leinwand sing, mit mehreren Avataren im Raum verteilt.
Virtual-Reality-Raum mit einem Drahcne- und einem Mensch-Avatar.
Virtual-Reality-Raum mit zwei Avataren, die sich in einem Boxring gegenüberstehen.
Virtual-Reality-Raum mit zwei Wurzel-Avateren, die sich auf einem Weg unterhalb einer Felsspalte befinden.
Braun-rosa farbener Avatar mit menschlichen Umrissen vor weißem Hintergrund.
Avatar mit weiblichem Äußeren, Glatze und gelbem T-Shirt vor weißem Hintergrund.
Spinnen-Roboter mit Greifzangen-Arm vor weißem Hintergrund.
(c) KstiHu, (c) BBB_, (c) BBB_ / Rendering by Lars Thomas, Siehe Cast and Credits für die erweiterte Bildangaben



Songs of Cyborgeoisie

Virtual Reality


A video documentation of the interactive performance will be available on Vimeo on Demand for 24 hours after purchase from 15.03. – 19.03. Price: € 5.

The digitally advanced music and performance artist duo BBB_ confronts the audience with utopian and dystopian worlds, which seem to merge the boundaries between the human and the digital. “Songs of Cyborgeoisie” is an interactive musical journey through virtual landscapes that are home to various technical, organic and fantastic beings. As embodied visions of the future and fractured science-fiction characters, the beings tell of the sorrows, traumas and hopes inscribed into them by their human inventors. Together with the audience, they create a co-evolutionary scenario in which technologies, humans, flora and fauna evolve harmoniously in dialogue – comforting each other, giving each other space to heal or even merging, making an unabashed attempt to free our visions of the future from technological dystopian fears.

The interactive concert performance premiered as part of NODE20 will take place in the virtual GreenHouse NAXOS space via browser. The audience is invited to move around and discover the virtual worlds using an avatar.

Duration: approx. 60 min
Language: English, Russian
(subtitles in English)
On 12.03. at 10 p.m. we invite you to the after-show party in a digital foyer in gather.town.

If you wish to participate in the virtual space, buy a ticket for the desired performance via the links above. You will receive an access link by email on the day of the performance. There will be a public livestream happening at the same time, which will be linked here.

Technical requirements:
For interactive participation in the performance in the virtual space, access to a laptop or computer (smartphone is not suitable) with a stable internet connection, the installation of the Chrome or Firefox browsers, headphones or good speakers are necessary. If available, VR glasses can be used, but are not necessary for participation. Please plan about 30 minutes to prepare the tech.