(c) Krauss

Hendrik Quast


Spill Your Guts – a ventriloquism show

Mousonturm Saal


A damaged, moving mouth doll shits as unabashedly as she dines. She has a firm grip on her ventriloquist and, as the embodiment of his bowel disease, has only one thing in mind: to make him bleed! The unequal duo ignites a relationship drama about undigested leftovers, fires themselves up stammering about outrageous stories of illness and plunges into a shitstorm about working in theatre. For his latest project, performance artist Hendrik Quast learned the art of ventriloquism in order to artistically deal with chronic inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis. Infused with wayward humour, Quast develops new ways of speaking about and evoking images of chronic illness, for both sick and healthy audiences. And so everyday experiences of intestinal afflictions find their way into the art of entertainment and renegotiate questions of bodies visibly and invisibly marked as chronically ill.


duration: 90-120 min.
language: german
ALL IN 14+

Note: Abrupt light changes, stroboscopic light, dazzling light effects as well as the use of fog occur.