(c) Your Skin Shall Bear Witness Against You (Video Detail) / Vartan Avakian

Spotlight: Vartan Avakian

Location: Villa 102, Bockenheimer Landstraße 102


Update: Unfortunetely, this event can’t take place.

The Beirut-based artist Vartan Avakian works with video, photography and sculpture and is interested in performative aspects of memory. He develops forensic processes to expose (in-)visible traces of the use of objects such as books. In this way, the histories and biographies of the materials are conserved and then given a new form. Within the frame of a moderated artist talk, „Spotlight: Vartan Avakian“ presents an opportunity to gain insights into the artist’s work. In a guided tour of Villa 102, the work „All that is Seen and Unseen“ can also be visited together with the artist. This event launches a new series of programming: the KfW Stiftung invites previous scholarship holders to Villa 102 at regular intervals to enter in an exchange with them about their artistic practice and to discuss currents issues in contemporary art.

An event by KfW Stiftung.

Free admission, registration via Eventbride
More information on www.kfw-stiftung.de

Presentation: Daniela Leykam and Anna Wagner