Swoosh Lieu


Stages of work – ein offener Umbau

Mousonturm Saal


Over the last 25 years, whenever there was a performance at Mousonturm, the women and men of the Künstlerhaus technical crew were the first in and the last to go. At the theatre, they do their job under, over or behind the stage, mostly out of sight. They run the show and unlike those, who have come to the auditorium looking for art and entertainment, they have seen, experienced and paved the way for (almost) everything. In their newest project Stages of work – ein offener Umbau The media art and performance experts of Frankfurt artist collective Swoosh Lieu transform the backstage area of Mousonturm into a showroom to draw attention to the work done there and the people, who do it. Together, they dismantle and reinterpret the paradigms of work and artistic production, examine multiple facets of how work has become more flexible and less clearly defined and explore the theatre as workplace from an aesthetic perspective: “Let the audience observe that this is not magic but work, my friends.” (Bertolt Brecht)
In 2012, Swoosh Lieu produced Everything but Solo in collaboration with Tanzlabor_21 and successfully to multiple sold-out houses at Mousonturm. The collective’s last project The Factory – eine Besetzungsprobe was invited to the German Dance Platform 2014.

By and with Swoosh Lieu (Johanna Castell, Katharina Kellermann, Juliane Kremberg, Rosa Wernecke) in collaboration with the technicians of Mousonturm.

World Premiere. Mousonturm Co-production.