(c) Nazanin Bahrami

Nazanin Bahrami

Still life with Lily, Fan and Fried Eggplant

Mousonturm Studio 1


How does one convey ghost stories? The stories of unfulfilled promises entangled with alternative futures. Is it possible to narrate invisibilities?
This piece is an attempt to go back earlier and to press the pause button in the middle of a movement, in the struggle for liberation, in the iconoclastic conflict; to freeze everything in the scene of mourning for freedom, to halt amidst the cries of ghosts.
This is a try of geting out of the orbit of time and leave everything as it is, and see, look, hear, touch, feel the chaos with all our senses; to see beyond the visible, to listen beyond the noise, to feel beyond the tangible.
This is a call to witness the stage of pause, to appreciate stillness; a necessity for the evocation of ghosts, here and now, to sense their aura and respond their due demands

Duration: 60 Min

World premiere