Passinho is one of Brazil’s hottest dances and a crazy mix of styles containing elements of baile funk and breakdancing, along with hip hop, samba, frevo, kuduro and voguing. The irresistible choreography of these ten young passinho dancers is the self-confident expression of a young generation which until now has been pushed into the margins of Brazilian society.

No language skills required.

Choreography: Alice Ripoll * Music: DJ Vinimax * Costumes: Paula Stroher * Light: Andrea Capella * Performance: Gabriel Tiobil Dançarino Brabo, Gbzinho Dançarino Brabo, Marcos Guedes, Nyandra Fernandes, Pablo Poison, Rodrigo Ninja Hattrick, Romulo Galvão, Sanderson Dançarino Brabo, Thamy Dançarina Braba, Vnzin Elite da dança.

No language skills required