Inés Moreno

Surrounded objects: unveiling gestural knowledge

Lokal im Mousonturm


In the light of the social revaluation of manual work, in recent years, we have seen the progressive emergence of a shared space of questioning for certain performative practices and some approaches in social sciences ranging from material culture studies to the anthropology of technology. As a significant example of this tendency, the project “The Manufactured Series” proposes a choreographic insight into the dynamics of co-construction between subjects and objects. Taking its third duet “The Artisan is Present” as a case study, this lecture will reflect on the regimes of visibility of technical gestures and their systems of representation. From this perspective, three lines of reflection will be addressed: the way in which experiences of know-how transmission can be appropriated as an artistic practice, the changes in status of a singular object from a biographical approach and, finally, the potential of contemporary performance practices in the reactivation of technical gestures inscribed on objects as a way of restoring the memory of embodied knowledge.