Bakr Said Mahmoud/Ebrahim Takavar/Hanna Steinmair/Jamal Sher/Kacper Klisiewicz/Kirill Kondakov/Solveig Hörter

TAKE THAT #1 „Es ist doch eine schöne Sache über Kanzlerkandidaten zu reden und dabei Blutwurst zu essen“ von Susanne Zaun und Marion Schneider

Mousonturm Studio 1

ALL IN/Performance

Teenagers – who would actually prefer to concentrate on other things – visit a theatre performance at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. Then they discuss what they saw, ask questions, rant and praise it – and in doing so, assimilate the previously seen performance for themselves. The result is a re-enactment of the performance. But: one that is based on their own interests. Take That! In German and English

Age: 12+
Language: In German and English