Massive talent, an infectious delight in their own musicianship and a fresh and confident approach to the traditions of New Orleans make Tank and the Bangas who they are. Now just reaching their peak on stage, they skilfully take old jazz and blues and drag them into the present with the help of modern soul, fluent hip-hop, deep r’n’b, sassy funk and some chilled spoken word, while they are always liable to surprise each other live. Their upbeat performances are based around the charismatic lead singer Tank Ball, who, having come up through the slam poetry scene, provides a compelling lyrical depth and along with her brilliant rhythm section is then capable of switching the next moment into a bold and funky game of question and answer on subjects that aren’t all simple, elegantly supported by her backing singers. Party mood is guaranteed – get ready for a cool and distinctly lively concert!

Es gibt nur begrenzt Sitzplätze mit freier Platzwahl. Diese können nicht im Voraus gebucht oder reserviert werden. Decken oder andere Unterlagen können aber gerne mitgebracht werden.

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