(c) Christian Schuller, (c) Henk Claassen

Jetse Batelaan / Theater Artemis


Tanz ist tolle rhythmische Bewegung zu Musik

Mousonturm Saal

Performance/Starke Stücke/Dance

A dance performance that we are a little ashamed of.

There is no dancing in this dance piece by Jetse Batelaan! Because there is nothing more repulsive to young people than people over 40 who go wild on the dance floor, stink, move awkwardly and are so unsexy. No extremely rousing electro beats by Toben Piel (Les Trucs), no super sophisticated light show, no blatantly snappy outfits and no cool moves can remedy that – everything remains an embarrassing insult. So, this is a solemn promise: there will be no dancing in this dance piece for young audiences. Cross my heart and hope to die!


Duration: 60 Min.
Please note: Strobe-like lighting effects  and loud music are used in the piece.
No language skills needed.
ALL IN 12+
Starke Stücke 2022
World Premiere