(c) Josefin Arnell, (c) Eva Würdinger, (c) Apollonia Bitzan

In her explosive and physically intense pieces, Florentina Holzinger addresses references from the history of performance and dance as well as other disciplines such as kickboxing, acrobatics, striptease and yoga. And thus it’s no surprise when the choreographer describes her new piece, TANZ, as a “sylphidic reverie in stunts”. She brings together dancers from different generations and contexts and asks: what does it mean to place yourself in a heritage that is based on a concept of beauty, which exaggerates and functionalizes the female body? What at first is disguised as a ballet class led by Beatrice Schönherr, who was the first primaballerina to dance Sacre du printemps naked, develops into a rigorous study
of the industrial production of a gaze and disciplining the female body. Points of reference are stunt shows, pornography and romantic ballets from the 19th century with their sylphs, winged forest fairies, who represent the concept of weightlessness.

No admission under 18 years.
Duration: 120 Min.

Please notice that blood is on display at this performance and in some scenes self-injurious acts are shown that could have a disturbing effect on some viewers.