Animiertes Bild vom Weltall, in der Mitte ein großer augeshcnittener Plata, der wie eine Schale einen Zettel mit
Foto von Sophia Roxane Rohwetter.
Ein offenes Notizheft mit Notizen und der Überschrift
Eine Bild-Collage, im Hintergrund eine Sternenhimmel, davor ein Text mit dem Titel
(c) Sophia Roxane Rohwetter

The Hidden Side of the Moon: Towards A Queer-Feminist Dream Interpretation


Sophia Roxane Rohwetter

The psychoanalytical topography of nocturnal dreamscapes, which Freud first presented in The Interpretation of Dreams (1900), lays out a complex way of decoding the “night side“ of the human being – repressed desires and experiences of the unconscious that appear in dreams, veiled in nocturnal garments, only to disappear again in the morning. The psychoanalytic interpretation of dreams is, as Elisabeth Bronfen says, an excavation that clears away layers of psychic material to bring clandestine knowledge which has been hidden in the dark depths of the unconscious into the light of analytic explanation. Numerous feminists have pointed out that this psychoanalytic light shines patriarchally and is structured by narcissistic fantasies of masculinity that manifest themselves in Oedipal constellations: incest desires, castration anxiety, patricides.

The poetic-visual collage The Hidden Side of the Moon: Fragments of A Feminist Dream Interpretation reflects then on the possibilities of a feminist interpretation of dreams and proposes a new language of dream analysis, one drawn from feminist psychoanalysis, poetry, visual art, and mythology. Rather than illuminating the strange darkness of the unconscious with the light of the mind, The Hidden Side of the Moon thinks with and through the night side of human consciousness and follows the dreams’ navel; the passage where the dream reaches down into the unknown. In various dreams and interludes, the fragments reclaim dream analysis as a method for collective feminist dreaming, writing, and unconsciousness raising.

First picture in the gallery: Remedios Varo (1960). Mujer saliendo del psicoanalista. Oil on canvas, 71 x 41 cm. Museo de Arte Moderno, Ciudad de México.

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The visual collage can be viewed for the duration of the festival.
Langauge: English