(c) Maurício Pokemon

Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Incorporada


The Invention of Evilness (A Invenção da Maldade)

Mousonturm Saal


Arms, legs, backs and innumerable branches slam into each other with full force to produce a hammering beat. Carnivalesque parade or battle for survival? Like no other choreographer of his generation, Marcelo Evelin knows how to set the political and social tensions of  this day and age and their resonances in the body in motion. For his new piece “A Invenção da Maldade / The Invention of Evilness”, the Brazilian artist has created a raw and unpolished space – a metaphor of the current state of Brazil, where intolerance and violence against minorities are on the rise since the last election and an atmosphere of hopelessness reigns. However, Evelin’s evocation of evilness is not only a reaction to society’s situation, but also an untamed act of resistance, an affirmation of all that is hard to grasp and categorize.

Duration: ca. 70 min.
8.10. artist talk afterwards
9.10., 7 p.m. Warm Up for the audience