Auf dem Foto befinden sich sechs große Leinwände, die im Kreis in einem großen Raum hängen. Auf den Leinwänden sind Personen projiziert, die gerade in die Kamera blicken. In der Mitte des Raumes befindet sich ein Spielplatzkarussell.
(c) Mayra Wallraff, (c) Theresa Reiwer

Simone Dede Ayivi


The Kids Are Alright

Mousonturm Saal unbestuhlt

ALL IN/Performance/Installation

“We want our children to have a better life,” our parents said.
“We want our children to have a better life,” we say.

“The Kids Are Alright” is dedicated to family stories, generational conflicts, political struggles and visions of the future in families with a history of migration. Children of the second and third generation of immigrants often live with the narrative that their parents came to Germany so that they could “build something for their children”. But what do we and our children actually want to have built – literally and figuratively? Simone Dede Ayivi and accomplices have held talks with grandparents, parents and children from different communities and present their diverging ideas of a “better life” in a performative installation.

for everyone from age 14
Duration: 45 min.
Language: German spoken language via headphones


Sensory stimuli

— Stoboscope light
— Fog
— Loud and spontaneous light changes
— Fast video cuts
— The general lighting mood in the room is rather dark.


Room situation

— At the beginning of the installation, headphones are handed out with the soundtrack in German spoken language.

— Audience members are invited to move freely around the room during the performance. Coming and going is permitted.

— Space for wheelchairs/walking aids is available.

— There is a rotating seating element and various other seating options without backrests. Chairs are also provided.