The LOKAL Listener – Gregor Praml trifft J. Peter Schwalm

Lokal im Mousonturm


“Sometimes you hear something and think: ‘now this is how the modern world feels to me’. Peter’s music is like that, capturing excitement and speed and ambiguity and even wistfulness and melancholy …a complex emotional palette which feels to me like real life.” These are the words of no lesser figure than Brian Eno on J. Peter Schwalm. Eno and Schwalm have written film music together for many years and toured as a band. As one of the few “live-remixers” or “soundscapists” is in such command of his craft that he can combine other people’s music with new sounds spontaneously on stage. He is also a highly sought-after composer, who has written commissioned works for Stuttgart Ballett, the choreographer Hofesh Shechter and the German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt, among others. How does his music work and where does this Frankfurt native actually come from in musical terms?  Questions to be addressed in a discussion with Gregor Praml – the two will of course meet up along with their musical “equipment”.

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