The LOKAL Listener – Gregor Praml trifft Seppl Niemeyer

Lokal im Mousonturm


Sepp’l Niemeyer may be the most soft-spoken star of Frankfurt’s current music scene. Many still know him as drummer in the band Flatsch, with whom he rocked every large stage in the 1980’s – joined by the frontman Gerd Knebel (best known today from the comedy-duo Badesalz). Although originally from Lower Saxony, he stayed on in Frankfurt after that era came to an end and became an important member of the local rock music scene. He founded a non-profit (now called “VirusMusik”), developed his own radio and TV format, prints the “Gelbe Seiten/Yellow Pages” for the music scene and organizes festivals. In addition, he also manages to bring forward his own bands, e.g. FreeZeeBee, Terrible Noises, FlickenChilled or Extramensch. When Sepp’l Niemeyer and Gregor Praml composed and performed theatre music for a Nibelungen project at a Hessian youth centre in the mid-1990’s, it was the beginning of many more projects together. So the LOKAL Listener is a welcome excuse for a musical reunion with lots to talk about!