(c) Jo Straube / Maria Kjos Fonn, (c) Jo Straube

Maria Kjos Fonn/Lone Aburas/Kayo Chingonyi/Sandra Kolstad


The Politics of Emotions

Lokal im Mousonturm, teilbestuhlt


The Politics of Emotions is a performance written and performed by three of the most interesting literary voices of contemporary Europe. Together with composer and musician Sandra Kolstad they explore the relationship between emotions, language and politics. Whose anger is accepted in today’s political climate? What does it mean that some are privileged enough to rise above  emotions? Maria Kjos Fonn has gained a name with her critically acclaimed body of work, in which she fearlessly explores themes such as physical and emotional abuse and sexual assault. Lone Aburas writes with anger, acuteness and wit about the many layers of racism and discrimination in a liberal and globalized Denmark. Kayo Chingonyi’s texts are characterized by his keen ability to observe, his unconstrained ease, rhythm and flow as he explores the transitional phases of life, masculinity, skin color and  community.

Language: English
Duration: 45 Min.