Jenny Hval


The Practice of Love

Mousonturm Saal bestuhlt


The practice of love is the practice of magic. The “Practice of Love” is a  ultidisciplinary immersion in music, literature and movement by Norwegian musician, composer and writer Jenny Hval (the title is inspired by Valie  Export’s film of the same name from 1985). It explores sonic, visual and  choreographic ideas while transforming voices, sounds and even bodies into texts, in a process that Hval herself describes as a form of magic. With a multinational ensemble including experimental musicians, vocalists, dancers and video artists, this new project extends Hval’s work into new and even more challenging territory. The piece investigates the connection between life and art in a specific way – an umbilical magic, which brings together the possibility of creating art, creating life, and relating to other people, looking for empathy and a common language through speaking, singing, writing together.

Duration: 60 min.
Festival-Pass for 5 days: € 75 ( for all ffm-members € 60)
On 17.10., 8 p.m. Artist Talk with Jenny Hval in the Mousotnurm Lokal