(c) Luis August Krawen

Luis August Krawen

The Shire III

Mousonturm Studio 2


In J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”, “The Shire” is the home of the hobbits and the ultimate idyll that must be protected from evil. Anduril, the sword with which Aragorn goes into battle against evil, gave its name to Anduril Industries. Founded in 2017, the start-up aims to help US military and law enforcement agencies fight illegal migration at the Mexican border with the latest in AI-assisted solutions. In “The Shire III”, video artist Luis August Krawen examines the entanglements of an openly patriotic Silicon Valley movement with ties to the alt-right. Numerous motifs from the “Lord of the Rings” universe can be found in their safety technologies. So what are the connections between pop culture and security politics? And what does the non-architectural, the virtual regulation of space mean for a society?

Duration: 30 min
Language: English
Video installation in a loop, openly accessible
World premiere of the Frankfurt version