(c) Mikael Theimer, (c) AJ Korkidaki

Kid Koala

The Storyville Mosquito

ALL IN/Concert/Film/Theater

Eric San aka Kid Koala shows a stirring adventure of a clarinet-playing mosquito who moves to the big city in order to fulfill his dream of playing at the prestigious Sid Villa’s Music Hall. On stage, a team of 15 performers including a string trio and Kid Koala on the piano and turntables create a “live animated film”. Using 20 miniature sets, 75 puppets and 8 cameras, this captivating combination of film technology, theatre, puppetry and music allows the performers to tell a heart-warming story that is completely free of dialogue, much like early Charlie Chaplin films. Kid Koala is not only one of the world’s best scratch DJs and releases albums on Ninja Tune, but he is also an award-winning graphic novelist, composer for film and video games, and theatre maker. As such, he has proved that beats, puppetry and humour can be used to expand the medium of theater to the delight of the audience.

Duration: 80 Min.
Without human language.