(c) Festival escenas do cambio

Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol

(Mexico City/Yanhuitlán)


Mousonturm Studio 1


“Tijuana” is the result of an experiment by Mexican author, director and actor Gabino Rodríguez. For six months, he gave up his usual life and lived in Tijuana as a factory worker. For this, he assumed a new identity, severed all contacts to his old environment and exclusively relied on the statutory minimum wage earned at the factory. The trained actor effortlessly slipped into the role, but very soon he began to question his position as a poverty tourist. Is he allowed to lie to his newly found friends for art’s sake? “Tijuana” is the newest project by the Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol Collective, which explores the boundaries between documentation and fiction in various theatrical forms. The piece is the first part of a larger planned political and social panorama entitled “La democracia en México (1965-2015)” covering 32 parts – one for every Mexican city.

Duration: 75 Min.
Language: Spanish with German surtitles