(c) Fred Debrock

SKaGeN & Richard Jackson

(Antwerpen/Los Angeles)

Till It’s Over

Mousonturm Saal


Leftover paint dripping from the ceiling. Destroyed objects strewn around the room as if something exploded. Something already seems to have happened, even before the performance has begun. American visual artist Richard Jackson has designed an installation based on Pablo Picasso’s famous war painting “Guernica” for performers Valentijn Dhaenens and Clara van den Broek to negotiate tenderness and violence. The fierce images that they create are abstract, yet haunting. How do we humans deal with the after-effects of extreme violence? What does it destroy and what does it justify? How does it affect our relationships – can we find a connection despite or even as a result of the violence that we inflict on one another? 

Duration: approx. 75 min.
No language skills required
Richard Jack­son in der Schirn (6.2.–3.5.)