(c) Nefeli Avgeris, (c) Monica Ducan, (c) Monica Duncan

To See Climate (Change) is the result of an artistic research project initiated by Romuald Krężel and René Alejandro Huari Mateus at Frankfurt LAB in 2020 and since then further developed through residencies at Hellerau in Dresden, Biennale Warszawa and ZAMEK Cultural Center in Poznań, Poland, in collaboration with Monica Duncan, Clara Reiner and Patrick Faurot. The performance had its premiere in Kaserne Basel during Treibstoff Theatertage Festival in September 2021.

Starting from questions about sustainability in the midst of an environmental crisis and its impact on domestic living space, the performance addresses the ambivalences and ambiguities of the relationship between humans and the small dose of nature that can be found at home: indoor-plants. By inviting the plants to speculatively co-create their work, the artists search for possible ways to make the invisible – the climate and its changes – visible through performative means.

Recognizing that in order to create an ecological consciousness with tangible and lasting effects, it is necessary to acknowledge the lack of dialogue between humans and more-than-humans, the performance explores to what extent overcoming this communicative rupture can set the path towards a more egalitarian coexistence between the different forms of life on Earth.

Duration: 60 Min.
Language: English


After the performance there will be a free shuttle-service to the Maria Hilf church, so you can attend the concert OLIVIER MESSIAEN. Please let us know if you want to use the shuttle until 30 June 2022 by E-Mail: info@frankfurt-lab.de