(c) elena rose light

Alice Nogueira/Elena Rose Light


Trans Practices for Everyday Life (The Workshop)

Mousonturm Probebühne 1

Alice and elena will co-facilitate a participatory workshop inspired by their recent project developed in collaboration with five other trans and nonbinary people. “As nonbinary and trans people, we wake up every day ready to thwart reality, choosing to shape our bodies and identities through self-determined improvisation – even in the face of systems that threaten to pathologise or erase us. In this workshop, we will share our collected strategies with participants of all gender identities and lived experiences. Participants will work individually and collectively to develop physical practices out of their unique daily routines and experiences of embodied joy. We will write, talk, move, sing. We will choreograph our own existence, deciding how, where and when we want to be witnessed.”

Duration: 90 Min
Language: English