Elena Rose Light


Trans Practices for Everyday Life

Mousonturm Studio 2

Hessische Theaterakademie/Performance

In Frankfurt, seven people (a choreographer, a dramaturg, and five performers) come
together to mine our expertise in being radically ourselves. As trans and nonbinary folks, we
wake up everyday ready to thwart reality, choosing to shape our bodies and identities
through self-determined improvisation – even in the face of systems that threaten to
pathologize or erase us. Ours is a double negation: of the systems that structure life, and the
need to inhabit them.

In the rehearsal studio, we develop physical practices out of our unique daily routines. We
write, talk, move, sing. One of us bathes in her dance of trying on dresses; another giddily
wrestles with his own biceps. We choreograph our own existence, deciding how, where, and
when we want to be witnessed. We invite you to do the same.

—> Es ist möglich die Veranstaltung Glory am 25.06. und 26.06. vorher bzw im Anschluss zu besuchen.