(c) Mamoru Iriguchi, (c) Christian Schuller

zaungäste/Susanne Zaun/Marion Schneider


Trip of a Lifetime. Ein performativer Stadtspaziergang

Location: Osthafen


The chances of being killed by a falling coconut are higher than the odds of being attacked by a shark. You’re more likely to die operating a vending machine than from a falling coconut. A left-handed person is more likely to die from improper use of a right-handed product than from using a vending machine. Often what we ourselves consider to be probable bears no relation to the statistical frequency of an event, or else not as many people would play the lottery or wait for love at
first sight. “Trip of a Lifetime” is a performative city tour with the rather unlikely goal of encountering a single specimen of the world’s largest living mammal, the blue whale, in the city. The whale serves as a metaphor for something unexpected, something sublime, something out of place. You are more likely to be eaten by a whale on the banks of the River Main than to be killed by a falling coconut.

Duration: approx. 120 min.
Laguage: German
Starting point Heinz-Raspe-Platz/Lindleystraße 14, Frankfurt