Undertone does not take place in front of you on a stage. The performance surrounds you, takes place behind and beside you, can be felt under your feet and through your clothing, subtle, but clearly there. It is composed of movements and smells, temperatures and soundscapes. But above all Undertone largely takes place in the dark and in your imagination. Time is of no meaning and when it is all over you won’t be able to say when the storm broke, when a mysterious animal prowled around your legs and when the confined space surrounding you suddenly become endlessly vast. You will see that you are not alone. And then the people around you will suddenly disappear again, as subtly as they came. In Undertone, Sidney Leoni playfully unhinges conventional concepts of spectatorship and participation to create a performance in which all five senses are equally involved.

Concept, Choreography: Sidney Leoni * With Amanda Apetrea, Ben Evans, Franziska Aigner, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Luís Miguel Félix, Manon Santkin, Mariana My Suikkanen Gomes, Mattias Lech, Martin Lervik, Sandy Williams, Sidney Leoni, Stina Nyberg, Tom Engels * Sound design: Peter Lenaerts * Fragrance design: Laurent David Garnier * Tech: Joachim Hupfer * In co-production with Workspace Brussels; Weld, Stockholm; Carwash, Antwerp; Black Box Theatre Oslo.