Béla Pintér & Compagnie


Our Secrets | Titkaink



Let’s go back to the Budapest of the 1980s. The story is set in one of the ballrooms where Hungary’s rural folk music was rediscovered and celebrated in those days. Despite all contemporary historical reminiscences, Béla Pintér’s play is no nostalgic look back, but shows how “our secrets” have reached today’s political reality. There are former informants who have become ladies and gentlemen of society, there are scoundrels and villains who will survive in any political system, and there are lies that remained swept under the carpet for decades.

Directed by: Béla Pintér * Musicians: Gábor Pelva, György Póta * Dramaturgy: Éva Enyedi * Costumes: Mari Benedek * Stage Design: Gábor Tamás * Light: László Varga * Sound: István Simon * Executive Producer: Anna Hidvégi * Cast: Zoltán Friedenthal, Eszter Csákányi, Hella Roszik, Éva Enyedi, Zsófia Szamosi, Béla Pintér, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Angéla Stefanovits, György Póta, Gábor Pelva.

in Hungarian with german simultanious translation