Staatstheater Darmstadt, Kleines Haus


Meg Stuart explores the fragile and ambivalent conditions of the human psyche in form of physical processes. And yet her soul searching in UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP attains an unheard level of effortlessness. Six dancers and a jazz trio find themselves in a place that is both nightclub and arena: an unreliable, seething refuge, a place of desire and illusion. To the sound of throbbing basses, piano and drums, in a mix between improvisation and composition, the dancers attempt to contact one another – both playfully and desperately. They converge, touch and repel one another. Ludicrous rules of behaviour emerge between reveries, magic and reality and are used by the performers to explore forms of encounter beyond social limitations.

Choreography: Meg Stuart * Creation, Performance: Neil Callaghan, Jared Gradinger, Leyla Postalcioglu, Maria F. Scaroni, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Kristof Van Boven * Live music: Samuel Halscheidt, Marc Lohr, Stefan Rusconi * Dramaturgy: Jeroen Versteele * Scenery: Doris Dziersk * Costumes: Nadine Grellinger * Light: Jurgen Kolb, Gilles Roosen * Original music: Paul Lemp, Marc Lohr, Stefan Rusconi * A production by Damaged Goods and the Münchner Kammerspiele in coproduction with the Ruhrtriennale and PACT Zollverein * Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods are supported by the Government of Flanders and the Flemish Community Commission.

This performance is dedicated to our friend, the musician Paul Lemp.

In English