(c) Dirk Rose, (c) Ashley Wright

How do we organize ourselves in social space? With his quartet Variation(s) for A Few, the Frankfurt artist Cyril Baldy develops a micro-model for living together. As a classically trained dancer who danced for many years in famous companies such as The Forsythe Company, he stringently directs his attention to the choreographic fundamental categories of body, time and space. For four extraordinary dancers he develops individual solos that are danced in parallel and are based on the same sets of directions. Similar to a musical counterpoint, they are independent of one another and simultaneously permanently related. In this complex weave, the dancers make instantaneous decisions and create an efficient economy that is relieved of codifications and determinations in dance without losing precision and virtuosity; in the process, they formulate an alternative form of togetherness for bodies in time and space.

Duration: 50 Min.
Seats without backrests