© Donata Ettlin

Boris Nikitin


Versuch über das Sterben

Mousonturm Saal


In 2017, a year after his father’s death, author and director Boris Nikitin begins writing the story of the father’s ALS illness. The disease was a short process: from the diagnosis to his death it takes less than a year. Very early, the father opens the thought of considering an assisted suicide, an EXIT. A statement that changes everything. In “Attempt on Dying”, Nikitin combines the story of this outing with the story of his own coming-out 20 years ago and develops it into a theatrical evening about what it means to make the step into the public eye and make oneself vulnerable and vulnerable. “Attempt on Dying” is a play about the gaze of the others and about the utopia of a vulnerability that is not a lack of being human, but a revolutionary ability.

Duration: ca. 50 Min.
Language: Deutsch