(c) Anja Jahn, (c) Agentur

Gregor Praml/Gabrielle Kancachian

Viola & Bass Fusion: “Patterns”

Mousonturm Saal


A baroque viola and a jazz bass. Two musical worlds 300 years apart are here combined in new ways. Frankfurt bassist Gregor Praml meets Cologne-based Australian musician Gabrielle Kancachian, a versatile artist who graduated with a major in violin and viola from the Musikhochschule Köln. Her musical passion and stylistic diversity range from Baroque to “Neue Musik”, with a focus on historically informed performance practice. As Viola & Bass Fusion, the duo creates new worlds of sound and dissolves the stylistic boundaries of early music. The ‘analogue’ acoustic aesthetic of the baroque viola’s gut strings meets contemporary improvisation and electronics – they merge and form a completely new musical experience. Gabrielle Kancachian and Gregor Praml experiment with new compositional techniques: electronic sound effects, loops, etc., to create a “new, partly old music” in its sound diversity. For there are already interesting connections between the old and the modern electronic music in the originals: the repetition of phrases (patterns).

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