Narratives in Boundless Space


Accompanying the exhibition of Virtual Reality projects by members of the studio, Architecture and Aesthetic Practice, at the Städelschule Architecture Class, Narratives in Boundless Space presents an evening of hosted talks addressing topics related to architecture and emerging opportunities given in Virtual Reality as a technological medium.

Sarah Heuberger and Hannah Katalin Grimmer of Goethe University and Städelschule’s Master programme, Curatorial Studies, invite to discussions with the exhibiting architects.

Virtual Reality – what sounds like an abstract term – has had a decisive influence over the last few years on the working methods in architecture. The temporal spheres of the virtual spaces expose the lived world as a construct. The exhibited work at Mousonturm suggests that simultaneity of lived experiences and multiple “realities” engender a new way of thinking. What options does this development offer, and how does it change our access to moving images?

The focus of the talks is on the projects at hand in the context of the overall exhibition. The conversations will recapitulate the content and constructs of the work and address current developments in the field as well as curatorial challenges with respect to presenting Virtual Reality projects to the public.

Language: English

Breaking Glass – Narratives in Boundless Space is a five-day event thematising Virtual Reality in relation to architecture and the arts. The programme is presented by the Städelschule Architecture Class in collaboration with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm.

 The festival comprises of a conference, Breaking Glass II on May 4, accompanied by Narratives in Boundless Space, an exhibition and an evening of public talks. Students of Curatorial Studies at the Goethe University and Städelschule host the latter on May 3 and engage students at the Städelschule Architecture Class in conversation about the work exhibited at Mousonturm. The exhibition presents Virtual Reality projects produced by members of Städelschule’s Master Thesis studio, Architecture and Aesthetic Practice, and opens on May 1 and runs through May 5.