(c) Theo Seddon, (c) Jemima Yong

Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill (artist in residence)


Rosana Cade is a radical artist. In her work and research, she brings people together and repeatedly deals with intimacy beyond sexuality in various ways. After visiting im*possible bodies in April with her show Drag Mother and the workshop Queer Day Spa, she now returns to Mousonturm as a residency artist, bringing her accomplice with her. In Glasgow, she works with Ivor MacAskill in the fields of live art, contemporary theatre, queer cabaret, film, performances for children, site-specific performances and social practices, against the backdrop of queer-feminist discourse. Together, they perform as the riot-grrl-on-grrl-on-boi-on-boi-anti-genre-live-art-concept-band Double Pussy Clit F*ck and are momentarily working on a long-term project dealing with Ivor’s gender transition. At Mousonturm, they will be continuing their research.

In cooperation with Fierce Festival Birmingham. Thanks to Aaron Wright.