(c) Matthias Heschl


(Gießen/ Berlin)

Was ihr wollt: Der Film

Mousonturm Saal


How is democracy to continue? We don’t know, but we do suspect that whatever the case, more participation is needed. The counter-model to commodious dictatorship would be an emancipatory concept of participation in politics and society. That would be something to agree on. Unfortunately, every rough draft of political participation seems to contain a lot of fine print: Who decides who gets to decide? What methods will be used? Who asks the questions? Who decides what the options are? Together with the ensemble of the Schauspielhaus Vienna, FUX explores past, current and future participatory strategies, hopes and dead-ends. For this, they turn the theatre upside down and bring a live documentary film on stage, while diligently producing “authentic” material behind the screen.


Language: German
Duration: 100 Min.