Was ihr wollt: Theatrales Findbuch

Mousonturm Studio 1


The main message of all talk about the future is that now is the time to decide how we want to live in the future. But the future isn’t what it used to be anymore. The production trio Wu Wei Rekort Loew therefore set out to explore this perhaps most mysterious of all human inventions: the future. In the third part of their documentary performance series “Welten Wenden Menschen”, they fire up the great stage shredder to tear apart all  that nostalgic ballast standing in the way of the future, to clear the way in order to finally advance with greater ease. In various self-experiments, the performers train saving the world in ecological, economic or spiritual respect. Of course, there is no getting past the question of how suited the audience really is for the future. Per SMS, spectators can personally explain during the show why they simply refuse to do the right thing. And if nothing else helps, a deeply nostalgic polka trio might save us (sound Augst/Daemgen!), making the wealth of persistent future realities jump the hoops on, in front and behind the stage so fiercely that they transform back into possibilities.

With Anja Bilabel, Nicole Horny, Angelika Sieburg * Direction, Video: Sabine Loew * Scenography: Andrea Uhmann * Dramaturgy, Text: Heike Kortenkamp * Dramaturgical Advice: Steffen Lars Popp * Sound: Oliver Augst, Marcel Daemgen * Choreography: Brigitta Schirdewahn * Organisation: Hartmut Nawin-Borgwald * Production: Angelika Sieburg, Heike Kortenkamp, Sabine Loew * Co-production: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and i-camp / NT: Neues Theater München * Funded by the Department for Culture Frankfurt am Main and the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art.

World Premiere