(c) Katharina Seibt

Tümay Kılınçel

(Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf)

We ♥ 2 Raqs

Mousonturm Saal


Following the success of the solo “Danzös”, dancer and choreographer Tümay Kılınçel and dramaturge Berna Kurt continue their exploration of raqs, the so-called belly-dancing. Oriental dance, tribal fusion, American tribal style, fusion, voguing, baladi and contemporary dance – at Kılınçel’s invitation the dancers Dina Abdelhafez, The Darvish, Lia Pavlidis, Suzan Demircan and Marilyn Nova White interpret very different genres to give rise to a collective raqs body. Accompanied by a live band around the musician and producer Leila Moon, “We ♥ 2 raqs” deconstructs colonial imagery and recontextualizes dance as a feminist, self-empowering practice that is made visible as an art form on institutional stages.

All Information: tanzfestivalrheinmain.de/en/calendar/we-love-2-raqs

Duration: 60 min.
without / little language (English)
Mousonturm co-production