Welten Wenden Menschen Teil I – III

Mousonturm Studio 1


Self-loss instead of self-control! – Adhering strictly to this motto, Frankfurt artist collective WU WEI REKORT LOEW have distilled their trilogy Welten Wenden Menschen into a single evening. In this final act to their research performance series, director Sabine Loew and her team navigate through social tendencies and areas of conflict in a round dance of desolate circumstances accompanied by Marcel Daemgen’s live music. The focus lies on reflexions of political control. The first part of the show is based on research about border checkpoints between Jerusalem and Ramallah. In the second part, conscious acts of self-control in creative entrepreneurship serve as a bitter burlesque example of our society’s quest for a new definition of work. The trilogy ends with scenarios of catastrophe, Armageddon and other media campaigns of arousal and unmasks them as the all-encompassins control systems of the future.

Direction, Video: Sabine Loew * Text, Dramaturgy: Heike Kortenkamp, Lia Nirgad, Steffen Lars Popp * Set: Andrea Uhmann * Music: Oliver Augst, Marcel Daemgen * Choreography: Brigitta Schirdewahn * With Liese Lyon, Marcel Daemgen, Nicole Horny, Angelika Sieburg * Organisation: Hartmut Narwin-Borgwald * Production: Angelika Sieburg, Heike Kortenkamp, Sabine Loew * Co-produktion: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm.

Mousonturm Co-production