Maximilian Brands, Clara Reiner, Christopher Weickenmeier


what if where I am is what I need

Mousonturm Studio 1

Hessische Theaterakademie/Performance/Choreography/Theater

“What happens, when we stay way too long? – we thought to ourselves and rehearsed for 15,000 years. At some point we must have stopped experiencing our needs as our own. We became part of something incomplete and symbiotic. We were cared for. And we too became better at caring for everything actually here with us.” Maximilian Brands, Clara Reiner and Christopher Weickenmeier study Applied Theatre Studies at Gießen University. what if where I am is what I need is their choreography of unconditional solicitude, an exercise in mutual dependency, coexistence in a state of excessive attachment. It encompasses bodies, space, air and everything sharing the dysfunctional habitat. “The thought that we are in a theater here and now facing the next performance is continually suppressed.”

In English * By: Maximilian Brands, Clara Reiner, Christopher Weickenmeier * With: Henrike Kohpeiss, Hanna Steinmair * Costume: Joana Tischkau * Scenography: David Reiber Otalora * Lightdesign: Friedrich Schmidt * Solo-choreography: Else Tunemyr * Video: Julia Novacek * Sound: Jan Godde * Collage: David Reiber Otalora.

Uraufführung * Mousonturm Koproduktion