Swoosh Lieu


Who cares?! – A Polyphonic Staff Meeting of Caretakers

Mousonturm Saal


You call it love, we call it unpaid work! – Who nurtures, provides, rears, cleans, cooks, keeps house, listens and entertains? Care-work and reproduction work – for which wages and what recognition? Women tend to mainly carry the burden of caring, more often than not they find themselves confronted with sexist stereotypes and expectations, while their actual work remains invisible. The Swoosh Lieu collective now lends them a voice on stage in their new piece Who cares?!, while simultaneously questioning the theatre institution in terms of its means and (hi)stories, examining its mechanisms of reproducing images and roles and its possibilities at deconstruction. All the while, Swoosh Lieu cultivate their love of theatre, maintaining its parts and hosting a (feminist) staff meeting of caretakers.

In German.

Concept, Direction: Swoosh Lieu * By and with: Johanna Castell, Katharina Kellermann, Rosa Wernecke, Johanna Seitz, Katharina Speckmann, Lani Tran Duc, Jungyun Bae, Anika Marquardt, Stawrula Panagiotaki, Friederike Schmidt-Colinet, Verena Katz, Bernhard Siebert * A project by Swoosh Lieu in coproduction with Mousonturm *  Funded by the office for Cultural Office Frankfurt, the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art, Rudolf-Augstein-Stiftung, the Women’s Desk of the city of Frankfurt in the frame of the main topic „Respect. Stop sexism“ and Stiftung Citoyen * With kind support of Kampnagel Hamburg and GDA Wohnstift.

Mousonturm-Co production * Revival