Ibrahim Quraishi


Wild Life Take Away Station

Mousonturm Studio 1


On Friday the thirteenth, visual artist and choreographer Ibrahim Quraishi will install an unusual long-duration performance at Mousonturm. From Friday evening until Saturday night, he will set up a highly detailed, as well as material-intensive habitat – his Wild Life Take Away Station. For 30 hours, a young man and an older woman will live in this specially designed terrarium for humans. They share the living space with the visitors, who all warmly invited to stay for as long as they like, even the full 30 hours – meals and beds provided! The odd couple’s choreographic performance develops a dynamic of its own, savouring every second and playing with the constant promise of revealing the secrets and paradoxes of our human-animal existence. Life in the Wild Life Take Away Station resembles a dream that attempts to overcome the limitations of an extremely domesticated environment with the help of a wildly rampant imagination. In doing so, it consciously questions the complexity of reality and our desire for simplicity. Don’t forget your toothbrushes!

Concept, Direction, Choreography, Space: Ibrahim Quraishi * Performance: Ria Higler, Diego Agulló * Composer: Norscq * Dramaturgy: Gabriel Smeets * Lights: Katinka Marac * Voices: Veronique Ruggia-Saura, Black Sifichi * Live Film : Florian Schaipp / GFS Film Entertainment GmbH * Production: Ibrahim Quraishi / STICHTING Anamorfose * Co-production: X Baltic Triennial of International Art / “Urban Stories” (Vilnius), de Apple Gallery (Amsterdam), Studio Norscq (Paris), Krschkunst (Vienna), No Red Stopping (Belgrade), Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Springdance Utrecht / Centraal Museum Studio (Utrecht) * Supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands.

In Deutsch und Englisch. Kontinuierlicher Einlass bei begrenzter Zuschauerzahl. Fr. 13.12., 18.00 Uhr durchgehend bis Sa. 14.12., 24.00 Uhr