Eisa Jocson


Your Highness, open rehearsal

Location: Frankfurt LAB, Schmidtstraße 12 (Gallus)


Classical ballet is the leading form of artistic dance in the Philippines. Like everywhere in the world, young Filipinos tirelessly train to perfectly execute the weightless movements of princes, princesses and fairies, which populate the stages of ballet. This striving towards levity has a harsh economic background: every year, innumerable dancers leave the island nation to work at Disneyland Hong Kong. In her new piece, Eisa Jocson is rehearsing with members of the Ballet Philippines in an endless loop of being princess as an entry ticket to the world of entertainment – a fantasy world, based on an unattainable ideal of the Other. The open rehearsal gives a first impression of Your Highness, which premieres on 10 September at the Frankfurt LAB.