Ballet Philippines


Your Highness

Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus)


Dancers worldwide train hard to meet the standards of prince and princess roles in classical ballet. This striving towards levity and perfection is of particular importance in the Philippines: dancers even leave top companies such as the Ballet Philippines to work at Disneyland Hong Kong because of the financial incentives. Against this backdrop, choreographer Eisa Jocson has developed a piece, which walks the fine line connecting the princess archetypes of ballet with the globalized entertainment industry. She masterfully interweaves standards from Giselle, Snow White  and Swan Lake with Disney’s repertoire of expressive gestures and so tells the tale of intertwining individual and collective fantasies of happiness.

Mousonturm-production * In English * Choreography: Eisa Jocson * Dance: ballet Philippines (Gia Gequinto, Stephanie Cabral, Maila Habagat, Alexis Piel, Carlo Padoga) * Music & Sound Design: Teresa Barrozo * Light Design: Florian Bach * Costume Design: Dennis Maristany * Creative Presence: Arco Renz * Artistic Advisor: Tang Fu Kuen * Dramaturgy:    Anna Wagner * Performance Coaching:  Joseph Keith Anicoche, Russ Ligtas, Rasa Alksnyte * Ballet Coaching: Katherine Trofeo * Voice Coaching: Mia Bolaños * Production Management & Coordination:   Anne Kleiner * Production Management Manila: Sarah Salazar-Aronson * Technical Direction: Yap Seok Hui / Artfactory * Technical Coordination Manila: Roman Cruz * Tour Management:  Christopher Aronson * with kind support by Goethe Institut München