(c) Rodrigo Andreolli, (c) Rodrigo Andreolli, Eliza Goldox

Rodrigo Andreolli

Zu Verschenken (Phase 3)

Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus)

App/Augmented Reality/Performance/Installation

“Zu verschenken” is a game of circumstances designed to disappear or appear in the form of memories, data and virtual manifestations. In his multi-part project, performance artist Rodrigo Andreolli explores the contradictory economies of the gift inscribed in objects that people have left behind for the taking in public spaces. With colleagues, Andreolli strolled through streets last year and collected the rubbish of an excessive society – furniture, appliances and clothes – and hijacked it into a new, temporary existence as heap-shaped objects. Now these apparitions return in the third phase of the project. As augmented reality sculptures, they fill the foyers of the festival’s theatres, visible with the help of an app. In addition, these simulacra of choreography are brought together in a final installation and performance.

All Informations and further dates also at: tanzfestivalrheinmain.de/de/kalender/zu-verschenken-phase-3

App soon availabe on: www.tanzfestivalrheinmain.de

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