25YMT 2013/14

After their celebrated guest performance on Broadway in New York, Gob Squad will be opening the 25th anniversary program for the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm with their interactive live film performance GOB SQUAD’S KITCHEN (You’ve Never Had it So Good). This production, as well as 24 others that belong to the 25YMT series, originate from artists who have been closely connected to the Mousonturm in a reciprocally formative way up to the present. As a trip into Mousonturm’s past, these program jewels simultaneously open up a view onto the current dance and performance scene’s vibrance and diversity. We see our anniversary season as a renewal of our pledge to continue to work together with artists in order to develop, implement and secure substantial and sustainable forms of support and diffusion for their projects. Finally, we are confident that in the coming 25 years the Mousonturm will be a place where an audience can experience what will happen in the independent performing arts in the future; a place that will change, develop and enliven this art field again and again.

The 25YMT series is thankfully dedicated to everyone who has fought for the Mousonturm in the last 25 years – so that it could develop and establish itself as the artist house that is valued far beyond Europe’s borders for its critical and committed engagement.

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