a critical mass – alles tanzt 2013

Critical masses occur in nuclear physics. They also form in social, economic and political contexts. A loose cluster, a nondescript, ostensibly inoperative pile – and from one moment to the next, the particles densify, a single spark is enough, a gesture, a thought, a moment is sufficient in order to release a tremendous amount of energy.

This spring, Mousonturm and Tanzlabor_21 are presenting and co-producing outstanding dance projects and choreographic performances as part of a program entitled a critical mass – everything dances. The featured productions explore social and artistic processes, in which content, action and communication are condensed in such a way that they suddenly takes on a vibrant life  of their own. Effect and intensity multiply until they exceed what was originally aimed for. a critical mass – everything dances focuses on those moments, in which a plan, devised by an individual, grabs hold of a community in order to become a collective movement.

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